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Due to the custom nature of your project, we would love to connect with you directly. The information you provide will help us direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will NurserySource sign an NDA?

Yes, we will. NurserySource uses a standard NDA with our partners to ensure privacy is respected for all parties. If you prefer to use your own NDA please provide it in advance for our review.

What areas of product development does NurserySource focus on?

NurserySource specializes in product development for green industries such as commercial nurseries, agriculture, hemp production, and home garden. Basically, we make things for plants and the people who grow them. Have something else in mind? Let's talk.

How long does the product development process take?

There can be a lot of variation in timelines depending on the complexity of your project. On average product development takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks to have a design approved (longer for complex projects). Once the design is approved it will be an additional 2-3 weeks to have a model made. Full-scale production and delivery will take 2-3 months from final product approval.

What materials and processes do you specialize in?

Most of our products have been simple in concept and design, but no project is outside of our scope. We will not take on a project that we are not convinced will come to completion. Simply put, bring us your ideas and we will be up front as to our capacity to handle the job.

Are you able to work with our internal team?

Absolutely! We love working directly with partners, this helps to ensure that the project is successful and packages are customized to your specific project meaning you are only paying for the services you need.

Where do you manufacture products?

Our international office and production facilities are located in China.

What is the cost involved in product development?

We work with each of our partners to determine costs based on their needs and risk tolerance. There are a variety of factors that could impact final costs such as materials, size, sales volume, and mold costs.

Do you provide assistance in obtaining patents?

Yes, we work with an attorney who specializes in manufacturing and has vast experience with patent law.

Are you able to be our manufacturer long term?

We love to continue working with partners as their manufacturer, in fact, it is our preference. That being said, we will make a recommendation that we believe best supports your business and project.

How is pricing structured?

Pricing is broken down into phases- Product Development, Manufacturing, and Branding. You will have the opportunity to approve the budget for each phase.